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MS Screener Overview

MS Screener analyzes broken highs and lows. A powerful tool used in technical analysis to identify potential changes in market trends.
When the market creates a new high or low that is higher or lower than the previous high or low, it is known as a higher high or lower low, respectively. This can suggest that the market is experiencing a trend reversal or undergoing a period of increased volatility.

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Screener Analysis

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Symbol M5 M30 H2 w1

Screener Analysis Examples

Achref Sayadi shared a trading idea on AUDJPY

May 26, 2023 at 11:31 AM - GMT •

Impressive price action as it reaches new highs across multiple timeframes at the same time! Furthermore, it has broken out of the consolidation zone on the H1 timeframe. This could potentially indicate a forthcoming bullish movement for the AUDJPY pair.