SAR Screener

SAR Screener Overview

The Parabolic SAR screener helps you identify potential trend reversals, by scanning for instances where the SAR dot changes direction.
With the Parabolic SAR screener, you can quickly scan the market for pairs that are showing signs of an uptrend or downtrend, based on the position of the SAR dots relative to the price.

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Screener Analysis

Last update: GMT
Bearish Trend Reversal
Bullish Trend Reversal
Symbol M5 M30 H2 w1

Screener Analysis Examples

Achref Sayadi shared a trading idea on CADCHF

June 1, 2023 at 4:55 PM - GMT •

It's truly astounding that with a mere click of the Sar Screener, we can see the Sar indicator pointing out that CADCHF is on a bull run across every time frame! Plus, it's smashed right through the resistance level with gusto! There's a chance the price might momentarily drop to test the newly established support before resuming its upward trajectory.